• Upcoming Connect Meetings 19 April 2015

    Come and enjoy God's presence with the KCM team and other Partners and Friends during an evening of worship, teaching and ministry. Don't miss this opportunity to connect and press into all that God has provided in this Year of the Open Door and

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  • 2015 Prophetic Words 19 April 2015

    The Lord is speaking to us about 2015, and it’s important to know what the Lord is saying! Watch this video with Pastors George and Terri Pearsons as they review what the Lord has said about 2015 so far through Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle and

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  • All New Website & Online Shop 20 October 2014

    We are pleased to welcome you to our new KCM Europe website! With our new features, new functionality, and new look shop, we encourage you to take a look around. You can enjoy the Word as we minister daily from the top of the world to the bottom and

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  • Sunderland Connect Meeting Report 25 September 2014

    On the 19th September we held our third CONNECT meeting of the year in Sunderland. Partners and Friends enjoyed coming together at Sunderland Chapel of Light Church. Pastors Peter and Theodora Adegbie made us feel very much at home. There was a

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  • Lorrach Connect Meeting Report 14 July 2014

    On June 27th we held our first CONNECT meeting in mainland Europe. Partners and Friends enjoyed coming together at The Church of the open Door (Gemeinde der Offenen Tur) in Lorrach Germany. Pastors Al and Gloria Veer and their church made us feel

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  • Free Weekly Broadcast 17 April 2014

    Throughout 2014 KCM Europe are sowing the powerful teaching on the Believers Voice of Victory broadcast, if you missed the programme or really enjoyed the teaching, you can now order your copies of a DVD or CD each week simply by clicking the Read more