Prison Ministry

Operation EquipKenneth and Gloria Copeland’s hearts are especially tender towards men and women who are in prison. This why we have a team to minister on their behalf to those behind bars.

Within the mission statement of KCM, the Prison Ministry Outreach Team has been directed to minister to prisoners in the following ways:

  1. Leading them to a saving faith through the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16)
  2. Agreement in prayer
  3. Providing on request, free teaching material that is offered through the Prison Equip Development program.
  4. Answering Bible questions within the realm of the prison ministry gifts of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

Getting involved

We need to hear about people who are in prison, we need your help!

  • If you are an inmate, just contact us or get someone else to write for you and we will write back with a copy of The Believer’s Voice of Victory and tell you how you can ask for a free Bible and daily devotional.
  • If you know people who are in prison, fill in their details and we will write to them direct.
  • If you are a prison chaplain or involved in ministry to inmates in any way, contact us and ask for details of how our Christian prison ministry can supply you with free materials.

Along with our regular edition of the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine, available free of charge to anyone who requests it, whether they are in prison or not, Our prison ministry places each inmate onto our Prison Equip program. This provides a quarterly teaching free of charge, to assist inmates with their study of God’s Word.

It is our desire to see them grow strong in their faith and walk with God.

Although we concentrate on providing books, bibles, audio messages, and our contact is mostly by correspondence, if you are a Chaplain or minister in a prison, please contact us to enquire about our free products to resource prison libraries or even the possibility of a visit by our prison team to lead or take part in a service.



  • “I send thanks for the outstanding generosity of Kenneth Copeland Ministries Europe, to yet again restock HMP Brixton with many more bibles in order that those without God’s word would be able to read about Him. I personally use some of the prayer formats identified by your ministry and have begun to see God move.”

    Rev Chris Knights, Whittome Chaplaincy HMP Brixton
  • “I was so pleased to read that KCM prison ministry is growing. Three years ago I was imprisoned for a 12 week period. In this time I decided to see if there really was any truth in God as I was contemplating suicide. I am so glad I gave Christ Jesus a chance. He turned up and I have not looked back since. I gave my life to Jesus and was given a KCM bible. This bible is part of my testimony. Since leaving prison I have been writing to women in prison across the country to encourage them to lean on Jesus.”

    Former Inmate, UK