Church Partnership FAQs

Together, we’ll make a difference.
As we join together in partnership, we share each other’s anointings and giftings—and make a bigger impact on the world because of it. By ourselves, we can do some good…but together, we’ll truly make a difference.

  • What is Partnership?
  • As an individual or a church – A Partner believes they are called by God and has made a quality decision to join with KCM to:
    • faithfully support KCM financially as the Lord directs,
    • utilize the resources to mature spiritually,
    • reach out and teach others,
    • stay in contact with KCM regularly.
  • Are we a Partner as a church if we;
    • receive the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine?
    • contribute financially to KCM?
    • purchase products either through wholesale or retail avenues?
    • pray for the ministry?
  • Not Necessarily!As a Partner church of the Ministry, you would have made a commitment to Partner as a church and notified us of this decision.

    As the Pastor, you may personally receive a Partner Letter from Kenneth Copeland on a monthly basis (as a personal Partner) but unless you have notified us of your decision to partner as a church, we may not have you marked as such on our database.