Is Victory Over the Flu Really Possible? 1 February 2018

Last week, we released an encouraging message from Gloria Copeland praying for those who have the flu, and she also talked about how to stand against the flu in faith. You may have noticed from news reports and social media comments that there are a lot of people, even Christians, who do not agree with our stance on the Word of God, including healing and the flu. This has led people to question if you can really have victory over sickness like the flu. Additionally, people have misconstrued Gloria’s message in several ways that are simply not true. We put together this helpful article to help you decipher fact from fiction when it comes to experiencing victory over the flu (and any other sickness that tries to come your way) when you stand in faith. For the record, KCM and Gloria value medical doctors and would never advise anyone to not get a flu shot or to not seek medical care. Doctors and medicine are gifts from God to help us heal and maintain health. However, we recognise God as the ultimate Source of healing, even when being treated by doctors and medicine.

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